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01 December 2017

Printing house Simolini opens up new market opportunities with Universe Sewing

Few months ago, Printing house Simolini invested in a new Universe Sewing, automatic book folding and sewing unit for digital print finishing, provided by our local representative Misto-90.

The new machine, the first of this kind installed in Bulgaria, is the ideal solution to open up new market opportunities allowing to produce high quality lay flat sewn books from digitally printed sheets in a cost-effective way.

The unit also features an automatic signature feeder allowing to combine sheets from digital printing with signature from offset.

UNIVERSE SEWING matches the quick turnaround time of digital printers with a high quality book finishing.

Sheets are folded and collated together to make a signature and then sewn to create a high quality lay flat book block.

For further information about Universe Sewing, visit the product page where you can watch the official video and download the catalogue.

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