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11 September 2015

New HSB8.000 saddle stitcher in France

Hohner Maschninenbau Gmbh, headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, continued its’ close relationship with the French printing industry with the installation of a new HSB 8.000 saddle stitcher at Groupe SODAL (33 Gironde). “The choice for the firms HOHNER Maschninenbau GmbH and HOHNER MAG SL corresponds to our own high technical level improvement’s strategy: A production tools with high level outputs, reliable and simple to operate, companies close and listening to us, a training program perfectly sized to our operators and with a very efficient and local post sale service” said Fabrice Caillias and Antoine Roque co-manager of Groupe SODAL.

SODAL printing shop started up in 1981 with only 4 employees offering classics offset printing jobs in Langon close to Bordeaux (33 – Gironde). Today, Groupe SODAL employs 37 people and has a strong market share into the region Grand Sud Ouest and offers quick and global solutions from the complete graphic chain:

Finishing and bindery
Packing and shipping

The key of Groupe SODAL’s success is due the mixture of their technological improvement policy and the proximity behavior and service. The different production sites based at Langon (33), Villenave d’Ornon (33), Mont-de-Marsan (40), et Marmande (47) allow them to stay closer from their customers in order to bring them the most adapted solution and with an efficient flexibility in terms of delivery time.

The customer base is absolutely varied, like local Town Halls and Public establishments located in the different industries and domains such as communication, wines and spirits, foods, tourism, health, insurance, real estate, retail, aeronautics etc….

The groupe SODAL is a state of mind to the customer service. Guidance and orientation, customized solutions, custom made offers, project monitoring are granted by an on call professional team.


The groupe SODAL is resolutely future oriented. Its dynamic strategy for technological improvement results in machinery investments and recruitments and training of operators with strong emphasis of social values inside the company heart.

For years, groupe SODAL demonstrates a strong compromise with the sustainable development and the environment. Labels PEFC and FSC is a clear behaviour.

According to Fabrice Caillias and Antoine Roque “We already knew Hohner through their absolutely easy setting and reliable narrow stitching heads mounted onto our collator machine but we needed to be convinced about the Hohner saddle stitcher. For that, they have organized a deeper demonstration using difficult papers”

“We have been totally captivated by the easy and really fast manual tool less settings. It saves a quiet considerable time”

“One of main advantage of this machine are the minimum and maximum cut sizes (min.60x95 mm; max 340 x 355 mm) which makes it unique. None of the other machines available offer a better size range in the A4 market”

“Others elements such as the new trimmer designed cut concept where the transport belts stop during the cut process have been fundamental in our decision as this opens new horizons by being able to works with more sensitive or difficult material without producing marks”.

“The settings of the trimmer, as well as the knive changes, are incredibly easy and fast and have nothing to see with all what we knew till now.”

“Concerning the commercial approach from Hohner M.A.G SL, based in Barcelona and responsible for the French market, and from headquarter in Germany, we have been totally secured by their organization. Still at a human scale company, contacts are easy and solutions or technical answers quickly put in place”.

“Hohner M.A.G SL was also responsible for the delivery of the used folding machine MBO. The monitoring of both installation and the training of our operators have been sincerely faultless”

“All these small details have had an important influence in our decision to collaborate with the brand Hohner”.

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