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22 May 2015

“The book on demand” based on KOLBUS equipment was placed in operation in Moscow.

By specialists of SIKO service was installed an equipment complex for printing books on demand in the “T8 printing house”. The machine complex consists of KM 200 perfect binder, BF 512 book production line, casemaker DA 260, HD 143.P three knife trimmer and XKL 500 stacker.
The equipment start-up was a base point for commercial starting of a new innovative project for making of the books on demand.

T8 plans to compete with traditional printing houses by making exactly books quantity requested by the customer so that would be possible to make further runs in any volume, according to RBC.

"Traditional publishers have low profitability, because they need to print in big runs without knowing in advance if they will be sold out. It requires considerable working capital and results to profit losses because of "publishing mistakes". Additionally, the demand requires short runs, which are unprofitable in offset printing, "- explained in the company presentation.

The technical process is managed by a special program that was developed and written by T8. Sending orders and processing of models in this case will be done without operator’s participation.

Books will be printed on full color inkjet web printing machine and transported into the glue machine Kolbus KM 200 in the form of finished book blocks.

Because the KM 200 is available in configuration Bookjet®, at the infeed to the machine are installed a camera for scanning the bar code and also a sensor for measuring of the book block thickness, which allows an automatic adjustment the machine according to the predetermined thickness of the block without stopping the equipment.

After that, the book block enters the transport channel which includes a section of book block alignment, insertion and gluing of endpaper. The next step - milling, roughing, roll hot gluing, the side gluing and head-banding device. It must be noted that the gluing technology by nozzles allows to store the glue in closed tank (without air contact), while keeping its properties as well as to apply the thin glue layer and improve the gluing characteristics. Since KM 200 can operate as perfect binder as well as and in the mode of book back-gluing and lining, by the production of books in soft cover is used an integrated cover feeder also equipped with a camera for reading the bar code, which ensures compliance of the cover with a book block. For preparing of the book block to the hard-covering is used the lining section and also endpaper gluing section, after which as result the book block is ready for insertion into the hard cover.

The final stage of production (in the case of production of books in soft cover) is a three-knife trimming that performed by a 3-knife machine Kolbus HD 143.P. Installed in line with the perfect binder, due to the block thickness sensor data, the machine automatically (without additional preparing) adjusts a clamping mechanism while cutting. The stacker XKL 500 with 2 outfeeds gathers and stacks the run or sends it to the casemaker Kolbus BF 512 in the case of the production of books in hardcover.

As the technology of manufacturing hardcover books requires gluing of the endpaper that close "appointed" individual bar code of the book block, while working with 200 KM in back-gluing and lining mode at the output the printer reprint the barcode on the endpaper, which is controlled by casemaker BF 512.

Kolbus BF 512 performs rounding, backing and inserting of the book blocks into hard, soft or plastic covers, followed by gauzing and pressing. Meanwhile will be controlled the compliance of the book block with hard cover by cameras. On the line can be also performed operations of gluing gauze, spine gluing and headbanding.

The covers are made on a separate casemaker Kolbus DA 260, which is equipped with a lining cutting section due to configured thickness without stopping the machine. It’s one of the most popular in the world (according to the supplier) machines and it’s designed for fully automatic production of book-covers. The range of sizes - from 154x100 680x405 mm at production speeds up to 40 cycles / min.

The key managing element of the hardware is the software with a service portal Copilot® KOLBUS 3-60. It is equipped with a touch-screen, combines into the network lines and single machines, includes a programmable automatic adjustment function, as well as a data bank for book formats. The system Copilot® stepwise advises about necessity of the next parameter and controls the logical compliance, eliminating the mistakes of the operator. The text on the touchscreen is mainly not presented- all the data is indicated in the form of simple and clear icons.
Service port KOLBUS 3-60 provides hardware integration of the production management system and enables remote diagnostics hardware and software updates.

Chairman of the board of directors of the company "T8 publishing technology" Eugene Hata says: "Now any expert could publish the book in any quantity. Basically it means specialized literature, which was not produced in big runs. We're going to start exactly such a production".
The SIKO Group of companies is an exclusive representative of the company Kolbus in the CIS.

The idea of a "Book on demand" is realized on the basis of the printing house in Germany (video).

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