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29 May 2015

Coffee " Paulig" is now packaged on machines MEURER

By specialists of SIKO service was installed a wrap-around packaging machine Meurer for packing into corrugated boxes in “Paulig Rus” in Twer Region.

The company Paulig is widely known not only in Russia but also around the world and its history starts since 1876 when Gustav Paulig has arrived to Finland from Germany and opened his own company. In our country the company opened a roasting plant in 2011, marking the Russian market as a priority. Production capacity of the roasting plant is 6000 tons per year.

“The working system of the plant in Russia is the same as the production in Finland. The manufacturing process is organized in the same way and both plants use a system of ISO 22000 in the implementation of safety and quality control. All key experts working in Russia firstly were trained in Finland" - says chief operating officer of the coffee division Minna Forstrom.

In March in the production area of the plant "Paulig Rus" in Tver was installed the machine for wrap-around packing in corrugated boxes by MEURER. The machine CM / TP 25-B produces both low and high boxes, packages with wrapping method, as well as fills in RSC boxes. Thanks resettable chain elements on the width and length it’s easy to pack the products of various formats. An advantage of this machine is its modular design. So possible is the connecting of the various grouping and transport modules and packaging «wrap-around» units. Maximum capacity of the installed machine is 12.5 boxes/ min.

It’s necessary to remind that the packaging line was demonstrated by SIKO at the exhibition “Upak Italia-2012”.

The development engineer of "Paulig Rus" Sergey Karpov noted positive the results of the installation and the high performance of the equipment and as well as the high training level of SIKO service engineers.

SIKO group of companies is an exclusive representative of company MEURER in Russia.

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