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10 July 2020


Almost exactly a year ago, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH presented its CoBo-Stack stacking robot. As the first manufacturer with an automated solution for moving folded signatures from the delivery unit to the pallet, MBO is a global market leader in this industry. That which used to be done manually, the CoBo-Stack now does on its own – while at the same time making it possible for the operator to do other activities such as monitor the fold quality and prepare the next job. With clever positioning of the folding machines, one operator can even handle two folding machines simultaneously with the help of the CoBo stack.

MBO is taking the occasion of the birthday of the CoBo-Stack to give its customers a bit of joy in these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. All customers who have already invested in a CoBo-Stack get a free half year of warranty extension. This offer also applies to customers who invest in a new CoBo-Stack by September 30, 2020. Among others, the warranty extension includes the so-called “care check”. This happens every six months and is done by an MBO technician or a trained employee of one of 70 MBO agencies worldwide. In addition to revision of the CoBo-Stack, the check includes a software update. Tips and tricks for finishing processes from the book binder professionals are also available free of charge.

The CoBo-Stack was a major attraction at the market launch at the Baumann Open House in 2019. Since then, MBO has received a lot of positive feedback about its innovative product, and has sold quite a few robots. MBO has also continued to develop the CoBo-Stack in the meantime. It is now available with an optional height adjustment function and can stack pallets up to 1.4 meters (55”) high. The different-sized grippers make it possible to set down signatures with a size of 95 mm x 210 mm (3 ¾”–8”) to 260 mm x 340 mm (10 ¼”–13 3/8”). Even DIN-sized formats can be handled with ease. An integrated camera detects what is printed on the web. This means that, in double stream production (A/B production), the CoBo-Stack can detect on its own whether the signature stack belongs to production A and has to be placed on the left pallet or whether it belongs to production B (right pallet).

The CoBo-Stack is a collaborative robot. It does not need protective devices such as fences or laser scanners. If the CoBo-Stack touches the operator, the robot stops automatically. This rules out injuries caused by the new “robot colleagues”. An additional advantage is that a collaborative robot like the CoBo-Stack can be easily positioned and used where it is needed at the moment.

And last but not least, new technologies such as robotics and Industry 4.0 can help improve the negative image of the book binding profession and make the printing and finishing sectors more interesting for the younger Generation.

«SIKO» group of companies is the assigned dealer of MBO group in Russian Federation.

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