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16 November 2019

Storytelling on banding gives a boost to Zeeland mussels

Storytelling on banding gives productcommunication a boostLate in July 2019, a unique mussel packaging concept was introduced by Zeeland’s crustacean and shellfish specialist, Vette en Verhaart B.V. The unique background stories of 6 mussel growers in Zeeland form the common thread and create a strong product experience.

The authentic accounts of the growers’ adventures are permeated by pride, craftsmanship and challenges.

Their passion for their profession shines through very clearly, combined with historical narratives and how these led to the best recipes.

The introductions to these stories can be read on 6 different bands wrapped around packaged mussels. The packages are sold as a complete concept at the Makro wholesalers. The complete stories can be read at

Kees Vette, responsible for Innovation and Marketing at Vette & Verhaart, and the inventor and initiator of the concept, is enthusiastic as he explains the concept. “We expanded the storytelling concept to placemats, place cards for restaurants and mussel pans. We also added matching beers – brewed locally in Zeeland – with labels upon which the storytelling returns. The complete concept went down very well at Makro, also with their hospitality customers. We literally saw sales rise.”

It was immediately clear to Kees that the containers with mussels had to be packaged with printed banding. “We had already had good experiences with Bandall’s banding technology and printed banding from the specialist printer Max Aarts. Particularly in this case, in which storytelling has an important function, banding is ideal. What is also important is that several variable images can be included in one single print run, making a concept such as this growers’ project easy to achieve.

"The 10 cm wide banding is neatly and firmly secured around the package. It provides sufficient space to present the growers’ narratives well including recipes and supporting photographic material.

Branding by Banding storytelling"In addition, there is still printing space for origin details and barcodes, etc. Variable information such as use-by dates and lot numbers are printed on the banding during the application process.”

The mussel growers’ concept by Vette & Verhaart is a great example of Branding by Banding, the unique and strong collaboration between Bandall and specialist printer Max Aarts. Are you interested in including storytelling on your banding? Include storytelling on the inside of the banding for extra reinforcement of the product experience. 

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