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18 October 2019


The T50 presented for the first time in September is another step on the MBO Group’s path to simplifying its product range. Guests at the Open House on September 5th and 6th had an advance chance to experience the impressive product quality and performance of the buckle fold machine. The T50 is designed for the half-size format (50 cm x 70 cm) and is the successor of the T535 Efficiency and T535 Perfection machine types. Like its predecessor, it offers an extremely high level of production flexibility at an attractive price-performance ratio. With the new machine type, the premium features are integrated by default for the first time in this format class. The intuitive operation with the touch screen must be mentioned here. The sheets are aligned in the second folding unit with the mark-free high-speed guide with conical rollers instead of conventional ball rails.

The T50 features the intuitive M1 control which will be used in all MBO folding machines starting now. It is available in M1 Basic and M1 Advanced versions. Both control versions can be optionally connected to an MIS using the planning and analysis software Datamanager 4.0. Using the RAS remote maintenance software, MBO service technicians can provide optimal support as quickly as possible. 

In addition to a 10.1” touch screen, the M1 Basic features sheet monitoring in the first folding unit. Basic functions such as “Start”, “Stop” and “Production” can be carried out at the subsequent folding unit. Jams at the subsequent folding unit outlet are also detected quickly with an optical sensor. With the M1 Advanced control variant, the fold rollers, slitter shafts and buckle plates can be automated. This makes operation on the 15.6” touch screen of the first folding unit as well as the 10.1” touch screen of the subsequent folding unit even easier. If necessary, the machine combination can be controlled completely via the control panel of the subsequent folding unit, the production speed can be automatically adjusted across all folding units, and sheets can also be monitored across both folding units.

The T50 can be adjusted to different needs thanks to countless options. For example, customers have the choice of a continuous or a pile feeder. The latter can be equipped with the tried-and-tested Vacustar feeder head. The sheets are transported from the feeder either with a suction wheel and ball rail or with the Vivas vacuum and alignment system, which is very gentle on the product. Four or six buckle plates in the first folding unit as well as in the optional second folding unit determine the spectrum of folding types. Typical MBO features are also available for shortening set-up times. The optional combi buckle plates do away with the physical exertion needed for opening or closing the buckle plates. The slitter shaft cassettes available for the first folding unit saves the operator both time and money. These and other options make the T50 the ideal folding machine for both simple standard production or complex products.

With the new T50, the MBO Group is launching a highly modern machine type on the half-size format market and focusing on maximum production quality and reliability at the same time.

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