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09 August 2019

MBO announces new KT90 curved table

As a response to the need for space in printing and book binder firms, MBO has announced the new development of the KT90 Curved Table. The KT90 means that production operations can be designed more flexibly with combi folding machines and better adapted to the existing space available. The Curved Table conveys the folded product after the folding machine outlet rotated by 90 degrees. This means that delivery systems that previously had to be positioned in-line on the folding machine can now be set up at a right-angle.

The KT90 Curved Table has a simpler design and offers very good visibility. This means set-up for the table is particularly quick and easy. The folded sheets are transported flat, gently and without markings.

The KT90 is available both as a left-hand and right-hand curve. The infeed height of the left-hand curve is adjusted for the three-fold outlet of MBO combi folding machines. This means that traditional 16-pagers can be produced, for example, and transported via the Curved Table to the delivery.

The right-hand curve version of the KT90 is designed for the cross-fold stop of MBO combi folding machines. In this way, the delivery is used in-line behind the folding machine, streamlining the footprint of the machine combination.

This optionally available track system means that the delivery can be converted precisely from the three-fold to the cross-fold outlet of the folding machine with just a few manual operations. The track system is available for the MBO A500/A700 and palamides alpha500/alpha700 delivery types and can be easily retrofitted onto existing delivery systems.

Interested parties can see the performance of the KT90 Curved Table for themselves at the MBO Open House. This event will take place in Oppenweiler on the 5th and 6th of September 2019. Registrations for the Open House can be made up until the 16th August 2019 by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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