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05 July 2019

New project of Ferretto Group for a producer of corrugated packaging

Our Italian partner Ferretto Group has implemented a new project for a producer of corrugated packaging - Lic Packaging.

Lic Packaging, Italian Company part of SAICA Group, designs, industrialises and manufactures packaging solutions for direct packing, transport and for the sale and exposure.

Thanks to the automatic solution designed and built by Ferretto Group, Lic Packaging has optimized the space used for storing the finished product and reduced the logistics costs through a central management of the area dedicated to the warehouse.

A huge increase in orders and the need to centralize the entire logistics area and eliminating the costs of renting external storage spaces are the reasons that led Lic Packaging to invest in a storage system for finished product.

The solution proposed by Ferretto Group consists of a self-supporting automatic storage system for pallets placed between production and shipment, suitable for managing both standard product and customized orders made for the customers.

Pallets of different dimensions and weight coming from the production are conveyed, through elevators, to a Fast Ring monorail shuttle to bring the load units inside the warehouse. The same shuttle ring takes the reverse path to pick up the pallets leaving the automatic warehouse to be shipped. In order to optimize the transit of trucks, the shuttle circuit was placed on a mezzanine, an overhead  tunnel ensures the connection between the production area and the warehouse.


  • Automatic self-supporting pallet rack for connection between production and shipment areas;
  • N.4 stacker-cranes with double gripper to take two pallets from the rack during the same mission;
  • Double depth rack with n°16 load levels;
  • Fast Ring monorail loop composed by n°7 shuttles;

Special application:

In order to make the plant's performance even more efficient, the stacker-lifts are equipped with a double gripper to take two pallets from the rack during the same mission, thus optimizing and speeding up the order management and preparation activities.

Added value:

  • Increased efficiency of logistics activity, thanks to the centralization of shipments;
  • Reduction of costs deriving from centralized management of logistics within a single plant;
  • Eliminating the costs of renting for external storage spaces;
  • Recovery spaces in the production area;



Total surface

2.592 sm

Load units

europallet 1.000x1.200x1.300h / 1.000x1.200x1.800h

Total storage capacity

15.872 pallets

Total eight

30 m




N°4 With forks – double gripper

Fast-Ring loop

N°7 independent shuttles

Spare Parts

Wear Parts


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