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27 November 2018

Load formers EDF: Unipal and Easypal


The Unipal is a family of fully automatic load formers designed to work with both die-cutting and casemaker lines. This flexible design  means that machines can be standardised across a factory and operators can work on all machines with the same know-how, regardless of whether they are installed on one type of converting line or another.

Unipal needs no foundation to be installed; it stacks while squaring the stack on all four sides. All axes on the machine  are electrically controlled and is very compact and flexible, managing  to fit in very narrow layouts.

The load forming line is comprised of various bundle and layer processing modules that are used for forming and orientating the bundles of die-cut blanks.

The operator  interface is extremely intuitive; it allows the memorization of the different pallet patterns and per- fectly integrates with all components of the line such as EDF breakers or die-cutters, from which it can receive data for the preparation of orders, thus guaranteeing a unique programming point for the whole line.


This semi-automatic  palletizer is suitable both for casemakers and die-cutters; a pit is necessary for installation.

Easypal saves the operator the fatigue of lifting the bundles to stack them; the operator only has the task of forming layers and letting packs slide on a plate of steel.

The palletizer can be completed with an automatic feeder of empty pallets, thus completely eliminating physical fatigue in the work area.

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