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30 September 2018

Herzog+Heymann reflects on a very positive Open House

Herzog+Heymann, the specialist for custom machine engineering in the field of print processing machines and member of the MBO Group, declares its Open House a success. The event took place from 19 to 22 September 2018 at the company site in Bielefeld. On show were six lines from the pharmaceutical folding, mailing, matching, dispensing, packaging and fulfilment sectors.

Right at the beginning of the event, Uwe Reimold sold the Multi-Rill line to online printshop "Onlineprinters" (Germany). Uwe Reimold is the exclusive Tech-ni-Fold representative for grooving/creasing/folding solutions for Germany, Austria and Italy. The Multi-Rill line has two feeders that are positioned at right-angles to one another. Both feed the same folding machine. Only one feeder is active at any one time, however. While one feeder is conveying the sheet, the second feeder can be prepared for the next job in parallel. This means that set-up times can be minimised. Using the Multi-Rill line, papers with a higher grammage can be grooved and then folded. Example applications include greetings cards and flyers.

Frank Bahmer, Product Manager at Herzog+Heymann, on the other products that were on display: "We are proud that we were able to surprise our visitors with some genuine innovations. One of our two outsert lines had an integrated, automatic packager. This version of an outsert line was presented to the public for the very first time." The outserts folded on this line had over 398 panels and were sealed with a label. They were then stacked in trays directly inline using an automatic packager. Previously this process was a manual step that was also subject to error. Using the new packager, the outserts are always packed into the trays the right way around. Frank Bahmer adds: "Ultimately the trays are just an aid, rather like the banding for business cards. The trays are required to transport the outserts from the folding system to the medication packaging system and to feed them in safely. The medication product, box and outsert are then assembled in the medication system."

A further highlight of the Open House was the mailing line. Equipment from the firms Bograma, IGS, Amica Systems and Baumer hhs are integrated into this system. First, the printed backing card of the mailing is cut to shape using the BSR 550 Servo rotary die-cutter from Bograma. The corners of the backing material are rounded, a window for the recipient’s address is punched and two slits for insertion of a business card are cut. A QR code is then printed on using an inkjet printer from Amica. The code contains information on which motif is to be printed on the white plastic cards. The plastic cards are printed using another inkjet system from the firm Amica. In addition, the QR code controls the feeder for the plastic cards and determines whether one, two or three plastic cards are to be included in the mailing. The positioning of the plastic cards in the mailing is undertaken by a pick & place robot from the firm IGS. To prevent the cards from slipping, they are fixed using a dot of adhesive. A hot gluing system from hhs is put to use here. The mailing is then sealed – also using dots of adhesive from an hhs gluing system. Jannik Müller, Product Manager at Herzog+Heymann, is delighted with the collaboration with Amica: "The mailing line was our first time working alongside Amica. The preparations for the joint project went excellently. Using the inkjet system from Amica, each individual plastic card can be printed individually. Naturally this saves costs, because the cards can be purchased for stock unprinted, and don't need to be printed in advance at significant cost."

Regarding the visitors to the Open House, Dirk Stühmeier, Managing Director at Herzog+Heymann, had the following to say: "The Open House was very well received by the industry experts visiting. Our expectations in terms of visitor numbers were far exceeded. We had a large number of guests from Germany and Europe. Some had travelled from India, South Korea, South Africa and Japan, however. So it was a very international event, which we were extremely pleased to see."

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