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15 June 2018

Premiere for Herzog+Heymann

First-time combination with BDT Tornado Technology

BDT feeders with the innovative Tornado Technology can already be combined with printing and finishing equipment from leading companies such as HP Indigo, Kodak and Bograma. And now, connection to Herzog+Heymann modules is also possible.

With the help of BDT Tornado Technology, widely varying materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, film and other substrates can be efficiently moved, separated, transported and deposited again. This is achieved using a technology inspired by nature. A BDT Tornado module consists of a motor-driven impeller. A so-called tornado effect is created when the impeller is rotated quickly. Negative pressure is generated and used to lift a wide variety of substrates. Each Tornado module is combined with a belt drive. This allows the substrates, which are picked up by means of a vacuum, to be transported over long distances.

Herzog+Heymann uses this innovative Tornado Technology by installing the BDT feeders upstream of the Herzog+Heymann finishing lines. The major advantage is that materials, ideally with high grammages of between 100 g/m² and 400 g/m², can be separated with absolute reliability in the feeder and then securely fed to the finishing line. Furthermore, as only small points of contact are required in order to lift the substrates, BDT Tornado Technology ensures gentle transport of the products without leaving marks or picking up double sheets.

Example applications are greeting cards, menus, business cards and similar products with lamination or other surface finishes. With the help of Tornado Technology, these products are transported reliably from the BDT feeder into the Herzog+Heymann line. There, they are finished as required, for example grooved, scored, folded or personalised. Labelling, cold and hot glue applications and the dispensing of a wide variety of products can also be performed with ease with the Herzog+Heymann finishing modules.

The combination of a BDT feeder with a grooving, perforating and cutting unit from Herzog+Heymann was presented for the first time at the Samhaber GmbH Open House event in Austria in March of this year. During the event, high-grammage card grades were fed in and then scored and perforated in a single operation.

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