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04 August 2017

The K8RS is the fastest combi folding machine in the world

The MBO K8RS combi folding machine was presented as the world's fastest folding machine as early as the end of 2013. What has happened in the meantime? Thanks to its high production speeds of up to 275 m/min (902 fpm) the folding machine is particularly well suited to finishing processes on large print runs. This means customers can therefore profit from a considerably reduced turnaround time of their jobs.

The European market in particular showed great interest in this high-tech machine with a high level of automation. Installations can be found for example in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, as well as in the USA. A quarter of the machines was sold with the A10 log stacker delivery system.

The K8RS occupies the top position of the MBO product range for combi folding machines in the 70 x 100 cm (27" x 40") size range. It has the most comprehensive standard configuration and offers the greatest level of automation options. Alongside the K8RS there is the K70 manual entry-level model as well as the automatable and therefore easy to operate K80 combi folding machine.

Standard features
The MBO K8RS has a comprehensive range of standard equipment, ensuring the best possible usability. It is always supplied with a palletized feeder. Unlike flat and continuous feeders, palletized feeders have the significant advantage that the printed sheets from the folding machine can be conveyed by pallet and thus very quickly. Customers can choose between four and six buckle plates in the parallel fold, and between the Super-KTL, Super-KTLT and Super-KTZ configurations. The standard equipment includes M1 control technology, including touchscreen. This simplifies the intuitive setup of the machine. The palletized feeder is equipped with the Vaculift RS feeder head and Vivas. Vivas is used to improve the sheet infeed and the sheet alignment with challenging materials and at high production speeds. With the K8RS, customers can choose between buckle plates with swing deflectors or combination buckle plates. Virotec fold rollers are included as standard, as is the ergonomic, patented slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold. The latter means that the slitter shafts are user-friendly and can be equipped by just one person, and the tools can be adjusted quickly and accurately. For improved accessibility, the knife folding area at the cross fold can be swung up. The knife folding area at the three fold is retractable. The K8RS is also factory-fitted with a router that permits connection to the MBO remote maintenance software, RAS.

Optional features
To ensure fault-free production even at the high speeds of up to 275 m/min (902 fpm), the entire machine is equipped with intelligent sheet monitoring. Blank sheets and/or faulty sheets are detected via optional cameras and removed by the ejection device included as standard. The options also include the pre-slitter shafts and pneumatic gatefold plates. The MBO K8RS can be automated as an option. The automation package includes the settings for the buckle plates, fold rollers, sheet deflectors and slitter shafts as well as the length of the folding knife in the cross fold and the sheet stop in the cross fold and three fold.

Other MBO combi folding machines for the format 70 cm x 100 cm (27" x 40")
In contrast to the K8RS, the K80 has fewer features in the standard version. With a speed of up to 230 m/min (755 fpm) it is also slightly slower. Nevertheless, this machine is easy to operate thanks to the automation options available.
The MBO K70 achieves speeds of up to 210 m/min (689 fpm) and cannot be automated. On the other hand, it has a very good price/performance ratio as an entry-level model.