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22 February 2017

#HID17 -exhibition news

The first news from the Hunkeler Innovationdays (in internet it passes under the hashtag # HID17):

An unique innovative development from Meccanotecnica - production of books from web, which was for the first time shown at the exhibition Drupa-2016, has attracted a lot of attention: the booth format allowed in detail to acquaint with the line and manufactured products.

The solution is also interesting because the Inline has no analogs from other manufacturers.

Further the line is modular, and the different configuration options can perform various tasks.

We will write more in our review, until then as an “opener” you can have a look at a selection of photos directly from the exhibition!

Demonstrated is the whole book production process step by step: 1. Unwinding 2. Web cutting into sheets. 3. Folding and gathering. 4. Sewing. 5. Inserting into soft cover.

The sewing quality - pride and brand of the company Meccanotecnica, so we show you separately the stitched blocks.

The recipe-book is ready! Everybody can open it and be not afraid to damage the spine, because the "stitched books are better"! And for those who have not seen the "viral" video on this topic - click on the link


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