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12 September 2016

Roll-to-Book: more about solution by Meccanotecnica

Solution proposed by the Italian manufacturer of book sewing equipment Meccanotecnica called “Roll-to-Book" is innovative because it allows to produce in-line thread stitched blocks, and optional - books!

The line allows multiple processing "on the fly": from the unwinding of packed roll to the sewing the book, allowing to optimize all post-print processes. It’s controlled by just one operator. It is an ideal, compact solution for digital printing houses and for offset printing, representing an effective and economical solution for the production of books.

The line consists of the following equipment: unwinder, cutter, sheet buffer and feeder, scoring and folding device, collating device and book sewing machine.

Note the presence of in-line special sheet buffer and feeder that provides a stable and equal flow of the cut sheets to the book sewing machine Universe Sewing.

The folding device on the operation principle is very similar to the covers folding devices of classic saddle stitchers. That means, that the sheet will be firstly folded with rotary blades, then the edges of the sheet with help of guides begin to fold along the saddle, after that the spine passes between pressing rollers and turns to the perfectly folded single-fold signature. The adjustment of the sheet size is automatic, enables an accurate and high-quality processing. For processing of wide-format books to be connected without tools is an additional pair of folding rollers. To remove the static electricity can be connected the ionization devices - this feature ensures stable operation at maximum line speed in any production area, but will also be useful by working "from wheels" with non-conditioned paper. The gathered signature "flows" on the seat directly to the book sewing machine Meccanotecnica Universe.

The accuracy of the sheet feeding is controlled by an optional reading module Gigalynx. The device recognizes the service marks, barcodes and images printed in different parts of the sheet. These tags contain a coded order that explains the forming of signatures, and then blocks.

The sewed book block for the convenience will be fed out with the spine upside.

This solution can be integrated inline into a multifunctional line for casing in a soft cover or preparing for casing into the hardcover.

The line will be interesting to digital printing houses specializing in the web printing in small and medium runs.


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