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31 October 2016

Newest folding system for the multi folding KL-90

The company Herzog + Heymann (member of the MBO Group) announced the development of a new folding system for the multi folding - KL-90 Panel Outsert Line based on the popular machine KL-45.

The folding system for multi folding KL-90 Panel Outsert Line is designed to produce the outserts: fast, efficient and cost-effective. The concept of the machine was developed based on many years of experience in the field of miniature folding and provides the best price-performance ratio on the market for this type of product.



Depending on the order the line can be equipped with a round pile or flat pile feeder. To reach the uninterrupted operation even with thin paper in the feeder in both versions installed is an ultrasonic double sheet detector as standard equipment. As an additional control system used are the cameras system with video control and glue application control in the folding knife section.

When working with multi folding it’s important to make the final product as flat as possible, so the KL-90 is equipped with a water scoring system, integrated into the first buckle. This solution also makes it possible to increase productivity, since the outserts require less packaging, which is especially noticeable on long runs.

Technical data:

Round pile feeder R530 

min. 150х180 mm

max. 450х1000 mm

Flat pile feeder F465

min. 80х105 mm

max. 450х1000 mm

Working width  450 mm
Folding rolls dia.  26 mm
Minimum folding length  18 mm



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