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31 August 2016

Three knife trimmer for digital print: KOLBUS HD-HD 143 Bookjet®

The newest KOLBUS HD-HD 143 three-knife-trimmer line with digital prefix Bookjet© - which specifies the possibility of its integration into the book production line (and other products) with variable sizes, was first demonstrated at the exhibition Drupa-2016. Let us consider it in more detail.

Double name «HD-HD» speaks about the machine with two sections, which sequentially cut the front and side edges of the block. This is absolutely an independent unit, which can operate as a stand-alone machine or be integrated into production lines.

Digital application of the machine offers the high flexibility of the settings on the new format of the processed products. By stopping the dynamic axis it’s automatically adjusted to different thickness of the product without readjustment. In other words, each copy of the book may be different to the overall dimensions compared to the previous within the technical characteristics of the trimmer, which range from 120x150x1.5 mm to 320x380x80 mm for untrimmed product.

As mentioned above, the HD-143 HD is an upgraded version of the proved model of three knife trimmer HD 143 and has been developed for the book production lines "on demand". Reliable design of the trimmer was supplemented by an automatic 3D-setting to "on the fly" format for use in flexible manufacturing systems. Now it’s not necessary to change the plates of the machine. The production speed of HD-HD 143 reaches 8,000 products. per hour for the same type of products.

For setting the machine are not needed any special tools or replacement parts - it is carried out by servo motors and can continuously adjust directly during the manufacturing of run without stopping the line (no readjustment needed). The control of HD-HD 143 is carried out via the touch monitor with the installed original Copilot® system.

Process features
If the products format stays unchanged and changed will be only the thickness, so these parameters can be fixed with feeding rollers. For 3D-adjusment (thickness, length and width) identified must be the bar code from incoming blocks, and the necessary data are extracted from the working file.
On feeding in the machine the blocks will be transported into the trimming mechanism after the adjustment to the specified format. The are 2 two stations in the machine: one for the front trimming, after which the products can be delivered by a gripper in the second trimming station for the side trim. Due to the separated processes possible became a 3D-adjustment to format and the following working with products of different sizes and thickness. Max. operational speed in this mode is 3.000 cuts / hour.
Finally we offer you a video demonstration of the machine.

 The group of companies "SIKO" is an exclusive distributor of KOLBUS equipment in Russia and CIS.


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