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29 June 2016

RosUpack-2016 - results

Group of companies "SIKO" participated in the largest exhibition of the Russian packaging industry - RosUpack, held from 14 to 17 June in IEC "Crocus Expo". This year, the number of countries whose delegations took part in the exhibition, was presented trough 33 states, including the US, China, Italy, in total of 500 companies.

The company’s booth was dedicated to the three different types of solutions - the main packaging segments:
1) Solutions for production of the cardboard packaging;
2) Solutions for corrugated industry;
3) Solutions for gift and luxury packaging. Strapping and banding machines.

SOLUTIONS FOR CORRUGATED PACKAGING were presented in "SIKO" trough the following brands: SANWA (Japan) and SUN (Korea).
Especially for the exhibition, we have prepared a separate catalogue with the die cutting machines SANWA and folding-gluing lines SUN.

Japanese machines for die-cutting, creasing, waste removal and blanks separation SANWA. This is one of the most high-speed (up to 9,000 cycles / hour), reliable thanks to a series of patented technologies and steadily working with any, even with the thin (80 g/m2) materials. However, the visitors of our booth at the last exhibition (and to come to the exhibition and to pass by "SIKO" was simply impossible) have seen the machine "live": it is unique in its design machine can handle cardboard, corrugated board (B-profile) and paper weights of 70 - 80 g/m2. The die cutting machine is equipped with an automatic control of the APC-1 pressure, which reduces the wear of the machine, punch, die cutting plate and provides stable performance on the long runs. Among other advantages of this machine - a patented solution for material transportation TriCam for smooth acceleration and deceleration of the sheet, a special mode of the clamshell bridge that allows stable operation with a thin (70 - 80 g/m2) paper at high speeds, quick fixing system QUICK LOCK for the punching and die-cutting plates with a vacuum lock.

On the booth the work of the die cutting machine was demonstrated by making of the self-assembling cardboard folders, the design of which (due to the presence of small die cutted elements) stressed the high precision machinery and waste removal function directly during production mode.
Folding-gluing lines made by the company SUN - some of the best in the segment. The machines can be equipped with a variety of additional options for gluing boxes with an unusual cut of almost any configuration and a wide model range allows you to choose the model with the best price / equipment features.

The visitors could get acquainted with a special videos range, including a demonstration of the folding-gluing machine SUN on a similar show exhibition: in just 10 minutes the machine will perform 3 different orders with 1000 boxes of each run, including the readjustment of the machine. In case of small runs with a large orders range the folder-gluers SUN simply have no equal!

SOLUTIONS FOR CORRUGATED INDUSTRY is a separate direction in SIKO. At the booth we presented our new catalogue, which is based on equipment of the companies DONG FANG, ETERNA, WANLIAN (China) and SEEMI (France).

The company DONG FANG is the leading manufacturer of corrugated board processing lines. In 2014 was opened a new factory area of 120 thousand square meters, equipped with the most modern metal finishing machines from Germany and Japan. DONGFANG currently positioned on the fourth place in the world for the production of converter lines for corrugated packaging.

The company ETERNA (since 2011 part of the BOBST Group) specializes in the manufacture of automatic die-cutter and folder-gluer lines for corrugated industry. To the range of companies belong unique solutions, for example, double press for punching or folder-gluers of big format with a high degree of automation.

WANLIAN is a high-tech company in the development, production, sales and service of high-speed lines for the production of corrugated board. Among developments should be noted the innovative induction heating technology built into the corrugators which allows three-fold lower steam demand and to reduce by 10% the operating temperature.

SEEMI is a french company for production and maintenance of specialized intralogistics systems.

According to the head of corrugated department Alexander Grachev: "The possibilities of modern high-tech lines are able to solve the popular problems of the corrugated packaging producers, related to the fall of the runs volume, as well as a significant complication of the design of the packaging itself. At the exhibition we have seen a real interest in how to expand the corrugated production, and we also had a lot of packaging consumers who consider the possibility to start their own production. In general, it is possible to note the high level of visitors who are already familiarized with the possibilities of major machine brands, as well as quite a positive thinking towards the Russian market of corrugated packaging".

Together with the online magazine "Corrugated board industry" we have prepared a unique video report with the 360° viewing (using special glasses or using an application) - now it goes to be edited and we will certainly inform you about its coming!


SOLUTIONS FOR LUXURY AND GIFT PACKAGING were submitted by the manufacturer of the book equipment with a worldwide reputation – company KOLBUS. The german manufacturer has created a unique solution - a production line for the luxury packaging.

The line allows the automatic production of premium class packaging with sizes from business card to the gift package for an encyclopedia with invisible magnetic locks and additional finishing options (eg, embossing).
At the last Drupa in Düsseldorf (Germany), the line presentation sparked an incredible interest to the KOLBUS booth. Additionally, thanks to the new machine DA 290 the maximum size of the processed material (unfolded boxes) increased to 735x1062 mm.
Currently in the world are already installed four complete lines for the production of gift packaging in the automatic mode, as well as a variety of machines for individual operations.

We also demonstrated at the exhibition one of the most popular machine models of the company Mosca (Germany) - the leader in the segment of strapping with polypropylene and polyester bands. The RO-M Fusion model is intended for automatically strapping of bundles and other products with polypropylene band.

The visitors who are already familiarized with Mosca machines were interested in new products, the automation ability and software integration into the production line control system (to be recalled is that a similar solution was installed in Russia at the assembly plant of LG Electronics, Moscow region), and the users of the similar equipment from other manufacturers after a close acquaintance with the details of the Mosca machines (optimized band guiding system, automatic strap changing, the ultrasonic sealing unit as option, as well as easy of maintenance and cleaning of the machine thanks to quick-release locks) recognized their absolute superiority and customer-oriented design.


Another interest was in the machine BA Standard made by the company BANDALL (Netherlands). This equipment is designed for banding with the paper and /or plastic band for all kinds of products. Packaging of this type is very popular in Europe, and in various industries. The most common version of its application - the use of pre-printed band for packaging of food products in transparent plastic containers, which allows the buyer to focus on the product quality and stimulate him to purchase. Sealed band in this case is both a label and an additional mounting element which prevents its accidentally opening. Another common use of the machine - the creation of the promo packs, also directly in supermarkets. The machine can also be used in the printing industry, for example for gentle packaging of products piles (as an option – for cutted labels). Since BANDALL solutions can also be integrated into any production line, its application fields are almost unlimited.

The Group of companies "SIKO" thanks all visitors of the Rosupack exhibition. If you for some reason haven’t been able to visit our booth, the company's specialists will be happy to advise you on any matters regarding supplied equipment.

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