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27 June 2016

The MBO Group presents to the international expert public at Drupa the whole world of conventional and digital finishing

The MBO Group is reflecting on its success at the world's largest specialist trade show for print and crossmedia solutions. In the first few days of the show alone, sales were made of several folding and delivery systems.

Highlight: High-Speed Folding System Le Mans
The highlight of a grand total of 12 show exhibits was the new high-speed folding system Le Mans that was presented to the overwhelmingly international expert show visitors for the first time. When it comes to speed and ergonomics, it puts everything that has gone before in the shade. In addition, the Le Mans is a milestone en route to the industrialization of onward processing, which is ideally suited to firms that have processed an annual volume of over approx. 70 million and that need a system with maximum productivity and minimal personnel requirements. The similarly newly developed log stacker is an important addition to the system, easing the operator's workload considerably. In practice a folding system offering high speed is only effective and productive when the corresponding delivery system can also match the speed of the folding machine. The operator no longer has to carry out continuous physical work and can instead concentrate fully on organization and logistics. A further highlight is the folding quality control integrated into the Le Mans, where each folded sheet is checked against the reference value initially set. Any poorly folded sheet is ejected without stopper, regardless of the operator's qualifications.

The Le Mans is suitable for all fold types without restrictions, and runs continuously at the required speeds, with no negative impact on quality. Markings or static problems due to overlaps or underlaps, for example, do not occur because each folded sheet runs through the folding machine separately. The output of the machine is up to 23,000 sheets of 16-page A4 per hour, depending on the grammage. This sees the Le Mans replacing two to three standard folding machines with minimal worker involvement, meaning that up to four fewer persons may be required.

Finish First: Advancement through speed
The slogan selected for this year's Drupa at the MBO Group was "Finish First". Alongside the Le Mans this was also well-suited for the K8-RS that was presented at Drupa with two units for different target markets.

• When combined with the newly developed A10 log stacker, the high speed K8-RS machine becomes the Monza folding system. With the 275 m/min. running speed upgrade for a productivity increase of up to 20%, the Monza folding system is aimed at bookbinders and printshops folding over 45 million signatures a year. A key feature of the Monza is that entirely conventional folding impositions can be used, making it suitable for use by book-binders as well.

• In addition, the K8-RS was connected to digital equipment for the first time. The digital line has been used to produce changing, varying book blocks with additional glue applied inline. The gluing simplifies the subsequent production stages in onward processing.

On a fully automated K8, show visitors were able to experience live just how quickly changeover and setup operations can be carried out on this machine.

New delivery systems
The MBO Group was able to present three new delivery systems: A10, A7-D and A700.

The new A10 log stacker is a horizontal delivery system providing extremely rapid and fatigue-free processing of folded signatures with just one operator.

The A7 signature system is available as the A7-D (D stands for "Digital") combined with the digital MBO equipment. The powerful A7-D can be used to deliver signatures and book blocks without markings at speeds up to 30% faster. The A7 permits extremely rapid stacker delivery, for example after the fast folding machines with up to 18,000 A4 16 pagers with one operator.

The new A500/A700 stacker delivery is used to deliver different formats of folding machines in a stack or in multiple-up sheets in stacks. This delivery system is the well-known Palamides alpha 500/alpha700 that is now being marketed by MBO as A500/A700.

Customized solutions from Herzog+Heymann
The 100 percent subsidiary of MBO, Herzog+Heymann, also had plenty of interesting things to demonstrate. Folding boxes were die-cut, then folded and last glued to create folding boxes on the "Stamina" Packaging Line. On the same line, a pre-produced insert was added directly into the folding box and glued there. The integrated quality assurance system checks via camera that the correct insert has been added into the relevant folding box. In addition, the corresponding glue application check ensures that only 100 percent correctly glued folding boxes reach the delivery system as faulty products are ejected.

In addition to the Stamina, Herzog+Heymann demonstrated a Vario Line that was used to match two different materials (50 g/m2 and 80 g/m2) at an accuracy level of ± 0.5 mm.

An Outsert Line was used to produce outserts with 168 panels. A special belt press was used to produce extremely flat products.

The fourth line demonstrated by Herzog+Heymann was a new Creasing Line that prevents breakage when folding digitally printed or high-grammage materials.

Cost-effective folding machines with an exceptional price/performance ratio
The MBO Group also clearly scored highly with visitors thanks to the cost-effective folding machines on display. Two M80 folding systems were demonstrated on the show stand: one buckle folding and one combi folding machine. In addition, an automated T535P was on display alongside a new K70. The K70 is a logical onward development of the K760. The blade drives, for example, have been significantly improved by the latest M1 control with touchscreen operation and with higher output up to 210 m/min and as a result modified in line for a range of different markets.

Positive balance
Looking back, the MBO Group is very happy with its trade show presence. It was the only folding machine manufacturer able to demonstrate the entire breadth of its product range to the world public live and on an impressive scale. This enabled the MBO Group to convey to visitors the technological high performance across all sectors with expertise and functioning exhibits.

It has been shown that visitors to the show don't spend as much time there as they used to, but they are very well prepared and targeted in visiting relevant exhibitors. Visitors to Drupa 2016 knew precisely what they wanted to see. The quality of the expert talks was correspondingly high. The deals drawn up at Drupa were especially positive. In addition, the MBO Group was delighted to conclude further deals during the trade show follow-up process.

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