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15 April 2016

Book-on-Demand from KOLBUS: web folding, 3D-readjustment and Zero-make-ready

It’s to be recalled the Kolbus booth, traditionally one of the biggest exhibitors at drupа this year will retain again 1400 m2 exhibition place in the center of the pavilion №16. There will be presented four segments of the company: digital finishing equipment for production of books "on demand", production of books in soft covers, production of books in hard covers and "luxury" packaging.

One of the most discussed trends in developing of book printing is "book on demand". However, not only the most discussed - up to 30% of Kolbus installations already falls to this segment of the book equipment, and engineers are constantly improving the technologies for production of single-books in "flow"-mode. The economic efficiency of the presented solutions is confirmed by numerous installations and successful operation on the printing houses around the world, including the Russian project "T8 publishing technologies".

KOLBUS seriously prepared for drupa: now the company's equipment covers absolutely all post-print operations.
For the first time will be shown the web folding machine KOLBUS WF 100, which forms folded signatures from printed web paper. Its main difference - increased web width - 1350 mm, as well as flexibility in the number of pages in a signature (4 to 64). WF 100 can operate with paper weights from 28 to 130 g/m2 at production speed up to 300 m/min. The machine is controlled by CoPilot system.


The "digital" section will become further a sequential feeder KOLBUS SF 842 Bookjet © (on the photo below shown is the SF 842 integrated with the Binder 200 KM). It’s used for separation of digitally printed and folded signatures for the feeder and then for feeding into the Binder. SF 842 automatically adjusts to the height and width of the block. Matching control of the current signature is carried by print mark, the block will be formed depending on the quantity of signatures.

Into the binder KM 200 Bookjet © products can be feed both by sequential feeder and by stream feeder directly with folding machine WF 100. The machine features high performance and professional quality of manufacturing products (as well as all equipment KOLBUS), as well as the lower costs of operating personnel by taking into account the line capacity for production of books. But, of course, a major advantage compared to other binders is a continuous production of books and booklets of different thicknesses. Technical characteristics of products can range from 140x150x1.5 mm to 310x380x60 mm. At the feeding to KM 200 performs the reading of data with the help of special cameras from a bar code label for matching of feeded signatures and their format and also measuring of the block thickness. All settings are made automatically without stopping the machine and by readjustment in only one cycle (the concept of Zero-make-ready) with speed up to 3500 cycles / hour.

At the exhibition will be presented an upgraded version of KM 200: the machine has received the milling cutters with innovative configuration, which resulted in increased bond strength by 50% for pulling out and turning the sheets over; also has been upgraded the system for readjustment and transport.

In the "digital" section will be presented another novelty: three-knife trimmer KOLBUS HD-HD 143. Now, the most popular version of the three-knife trimmer received the 3D-readjustment function.

The mechanism of front and side cutting has been divided into two separate sections, allowing the machine to need no longer the tools for each size and now each following book can have unique format within the technical characteristics of the machine (from 102x150x1.5 mm to 320x380x80 mm for untrimmed products). The machine will be adjusted by reading the data from barcode of the product, including the necessary contact pressure. The speed of the HD-HD 143 is impressive: up to 2000 individual products that require 3D-readjustment or up to 7500 products of the same size.

As final stage of processing products at the Kolbus booth will be the compensating stacker KL 501. The Stacker forms piles of required size products and automatically adjusts to the thickness, including the lift for minimizing the height of pile falling, thereby ensuring highest stacking quality and formats flexibility. The machine is also equipped with a pile turner unit with crimping. Machine parameters can be set on the programmable remote control.

We are waiting for you from May 31 to June 10 at the KOLBUS company's booth in the pavilion No16 - and we will show you in practice the production concepts of digitally printed “Simply press” books | Bookjet®.

SIKO group of companies is an exclusive supplier of Kolbus solutions.

Come, it will be interesting!

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