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04 May 2016

Mosca 4.0: Networked machines for sustainable end-of-line packaging at drupa

  • UATRI-2 XT: Full networking capability for easier operation
  • SoniXs TR-6 Pro and Base: Numerous options for maximum flexibility
  • Consumables: Sustainable ECO-Strap plastic strapping in PLA

Waldbrunn, 26.04.2016 – The Internet of Things is expanding at Mosca. The company's trade show appearance at this year's drupa, which takes place from May 31 to June 10 in Dusseldorf, focuses on Industry 4.0. Stand D25 in Hall 12 is where visitors can see a variety of fully automated strapping machines including the UATRI-2 XT and SoniXs TR-6 Base and Pro. Thanks to full network capability, these models can be monitored from a connected computer. Along with the machines, Mosca is presenting selected products from its sustainable strap range, including the latest ECO-Strap made from industrially compostable PLA.

Easy diagnostics via online remote maintenance, quick software updates, one-click status reports: Many of the Mosca strapping machines are already equipped for remote operations, which means that diagnostics and monitoring can be carried out remotely. This adds up to an extremely simple and effective solution for users. "Communication between product and machine or across control levels is now trouble-free," says Christian Zwieb, in charge of product management at Mosca GmbH. "Our portfolio is at the forefront of the strapping industry – and we are continuously developing new solutions."


High-quality consumables manufactured in-house

In addition to a variety of machines, the exhibition stand features a selection of Mosca's own strapping materials. The company has been manufacturing high tensile-strength polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps since 2008 at its plant in Muckental (Odenwald) – one of the most advanced production facilities in Europe. ECO-Strap, the newest addition to the Mosca product range, is made from polylactide (PLA), a biocompatible plastic. This strap is manufactured from renewable raw materials and is 100% industrially compostable within the shortest time. Eco-sustainability is deeply rooted in the Mosca corporate philosophy as part of the company's "Responsible Production" concept. The aim is to meet the highest quality standards by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to ensure environment-friendly, energy-efficient processes. Along these lines, Mosca introduced its own technology label in 2011: "GET inside" (Green Efficiency Technology inside) stands for sustainable Mosca quality in a wide range of different products.


Independently adjustable settings

The Mosca display at drupa includes the fully automated SoniXs TR-6 Base and Pro strapping machines for entry level and high-end operations. Thanks to the Mosca modular concept, which is based on the Standard-6 strap path system, these two models use a maximum number of identical components, including the frame, SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit, strap feeding unit and coil. The SoniXs TR-6 Pro is a high-performance machine that shows what future Industry 4.0 processes will look like in the strapping industry. The machine features different communication channels that can be easily integrated into a variety of conventional control platforms. Visualization takes place via HMI touch panel. This information can be transmitted via Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to any PC component in the network. The user-friendly interface with Mosca software enables centralized, simple adjustment of various machine parameters for the components.

‪If necessary, the machine independently changes specific machine parameters, including the strapping pattern, strap tension, press force and conveyor ramps. The necessary information is relayed to the machine either through sensors or, for example, via the network, which provides all package-synchronized data. This enables recognition and transfer of specific package data. The corresponding strapping and machine parameters are assigned and the machine automatically processes subsequent orders. The production line operates even more effectively when the strapping machine receives incoming package data via the network and automatically adjusts to the predefined parameters. Thanks to this functionality, the machine processes all orders with maximum efficiency, down to lot size 1. Mosca experts can connect with the machine online and help customers set up the machine parameters.

As an alternative machine model, the SoniXs TR-6 Base offers a highly efficient entry-level solution. This strapping machine is controlled by an embedded MSCB-1 solution specially developed by Mosca. Unlike the Pro version, the SoniXs TR-6 Base is operated via intuitive membrane keypad with display. Package handling options, including the package hold down device or stop bars, are available on both machines in electromechanical or pneumatic versions to ensure optimal, trouble-free strapping. Mosca continuously develops its software functions and provides updates for improving machine operation.


Gentle, fast, reliable

Mosca meets the specific needs of the corrugated cardboard industry with the fully automated UATRI-2 XT inline strapping machine – which will also be on display at the company's exhibition stand. This high-performance machine can be easily integrated into automated high-speed production lines for gentle, fast and reliable strapping of corrugated cardboard. "The UATRI-2 XT is now available with full network capability," Zwieb explains. "Like the SoniXs TR-6 Pro, this machine can be remotely controlled from any connected computer. Machine status can be monitored at any time via mouse click. This gives our customers added convenience and easy access to all key data." Software updates are provided via Internet and enable detailed error messages with troubleshooting assistance. A diagnosis can also be carried out via online remote maintenance by Mosca experts in Waldbrunn (Germany).

‪Thanks to an optionally integrated quality assurance system, the UATRI-2 XT automatically recognizes packages that do not meet predefined criteria. In the upstream production stage, a special software determines whether a package meets the required quality standards. If not, the package is sorted out downstream by a ball chain conveyor. To protect the product and to prevent damage to the corrugated board structure, the strap is applied "inline" or lengthwise to the corrugated structure. Thanks to its special configuration, the machine straps up to 30 packages per minute.

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