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02 April 2016

KOLBUS at drupa: Premium packaging in-line!

The Kolbus booth, traditionally one of the largest at drupa, this year will be placed again in central part of the pavilion No16. There will be presented four segments of the company: digital finishing equipment for the production of books "on demand", production of books in soft covers, production of books in hard covers and "luxury" packaging.

Today we present the most unusual and unique solution - a production line for the “luxury” packaging. A unique not least because at the moment there are no other solutions for the mass production of gift packaging and the efforts of some companies to automate some operations still require considerable manual labor.


The first nowelty in the exposition is the casemaking machine DA290 with the option of working with the material up to 735x1062 mm. DA 290 matches the formats of the packaging machines KOLBUS for the premium packaging. The machine is equipped with a new multi-touch screen «Copilot» system and operate with single or three-part blanks (with a device for cutting of cardboard) and produce single covers with a cover material or glue lining and turning-in on all four sides. In general, for the production of covers in the range of KOLBUS equipment presented are four models: DA 260 (the main difference - configuration flexibility), high-speed DA 270/280 and DA 290. All machines depending on the maximum size of items (boxes) are suitable for use in the production process.

The production process scheme for production of gift packaging as follows:

The corrugated sample will be cut to custom format on a rotary board cutter Kolbus PK. The process is divided into two phases: the production of the inner component and the outer component.

1. The inner component
A) Simple cardboard insert
The first machine, which is involved into this operation, also makes its debut at the exhibition - a grooving machine NM 101. Its main feature, as the name implies, is grooving of the cardboard blanks, whereby the boxes will be formed. The machine provides a perfectly smooth surface and sharp edges, also can be equipped with two guides for installing of knife holders (for making of two lines within 1 mm from each other) and electronic knife positioning system. Received groove profile can be adjusted from 90 to 130 degrees.
The blanks will be fed into the machine by an automatic feeder (SW.A 700 or SW.A 600) from the magazine, their maximum size is 1050x735 mm. Possible is the installation of double magazine, for example, for production at the same time of two small size boxes (in this case the total length of the both samples may not exceed 910 mm).
Settings will be applied with the remote control, which set all the parameters of the product.
After "lining" on the SW.E machine the corners will be removed, and then on the SW.H machine will be formed and glued the inner module of the box.

B) Inserted glued boxes
For production of the inner glued boxes to the process above will be added the operations of gluing of the sample with the covering material (depending on the design) and pasting the magnetic locks.

2. The outer component - box
In the sample prepared on cardboard device the blanks will be grooved on the machine NM 101 and the resulting work piece, if necessary will be glued with the cover material on any case making machine DA. Further, if necessary, processed can be a non-through holes drilling and insertion of magnets on a SW.M machine. After that the cover will be glue lined using SA 260 machine. Assembling of the finished box goes on the line SW.G.

The result – creating of the premium package, from business cards to the gift package for an encyclopedia with invisible magnetic locks and additional finishing options (eg, embossing).

The undoubted advantage of the proposed solution is its modular design, allowing the customer to create flexible production and depending on the design of the products to use the necessary equipment units.

We are waiting for you from May 31 to June 10 at the KOLBUS company's booth in the pavilion No16 - and we will show you in practice all machine possibilities.

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