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16 October 2015

A great success for MBO, Herzog+Heymann and BOGRAMA at the Labelexpo

The launch has successfully passed. The three partners MBO, Herzog+Heymann, and BOGRAMA have drawn a positive response from this year’s Labelexpo. For the first time the three companies have presented themselves with a combined booth. Under the heading COMPETENCE3 partners have showcased three groundbreaking production lines.

COMPETENCE3 show booth.

Excellent Feedback
The booth was consistently well attended. Visitors came from around the world – alongside Europe, for example from India, China, Australia and the United States of America. The audience consisted mainly of highly competent decision-makers in the sector. Therefore very professional customer specific dialogs have been conducted, which was a benefit to all parties involved. Not only had the visitors a chance to get to know all three exhibitors, but also were able to gain insights into the visions of the future. In return MBO, Herzog+Heymann and BOGRAMA are now at their best to understand the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s market.

3 Partners – 3 Key Aspects – 3 Lines
Three interesting production lines have been introduced.
The label booklet was created with the following steps: processed paper from the roll was cut into sheets, rotated, die-cut, folded and glued at the spine. This process created the booklet which can be laminated and placed on packaging such as cans and boxes in a further production step. The die-cut pull-tab makes the opening of the booklet very easy for the end customers.

This line can produce die-cut booklets.

The Label line was a true audience magnet. Sheet material with multiple ups and various labels were die-cut. Following, the labels were correctly sorted, stacked and packed. The “RoboStack” was a great help with packing the labels into small plastic boxes: A robot with grip fingers precisely grasps the labels at once and places them with elegance and fast movement into boxes.

The Robot “RoboStack” used with the label line attracted the visitor’s attention.

The packaging line “Stamina” was introduced as a world premiere. Initially on this line folding boxes were die-cut with a 2-up production, folded and glued into boxes. On this same line a pre-processed instruction leaflet was dispensed directly into a folded box with a friction feeder and there glued. This combination of inline production steps is to date one-of-a-kind.

The Packaging-Line “Stamina” with multiple plow fold-modules for production of folding boxes and the simultaneously dispensing of inserts.
Graficol has invested in the Packaging Line "Stamina"

Before Labelexpo the Dutch representative of the three exhibitors – wifac – has sold the Packaging Line “Stamina” to their customer Graficol. The business partnership was celebrated at the Labelexpo with a little sparkling wine.


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