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02 October 2015


Increase of usuability and uptime

Last year, Mosca GmbH introduced Base and Pro versions of their fully automated SoniXs TR-6 strapping machine for the entry level and high-end range. This was made possible by an efficient modular design and unique modular control concept based on a Standard-6 strap path system. Both models are now available with a fully automated double strap dispenser that picks up two strap coils and automatically starts the strap change as soon as the first coil is empty. This makes things much easier for the operator and at the same time increases machine availability. 

For many years, Mosca GmbH has used modular construction and a consistent shared component concept for their machines. This is clearly reflected in the two SoniXs TR-6 models. Strap guide frame, strap feeding unit, strap coil and the SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit are identical in both the Pro and Base models. Strap path components can be easily disassembled without tools, which is essential for maintenance and repairs. "By moving forward with the shared component concept and standardizing core components, we are consistently able to offer our customers better service," says Mosca GmbH CEO Timo Mosca. "We can assemble all elements extremely efficiently and reduce production costs. These savings are passed directly on to our customers, and we can guarantee the best Mosca quality at affordable prices."

A new feature on both machines is the fully automated double strap dispenser. Instead of a single coil, the SoniXs TR-6 Base and Pro models work with two coils. When one coil is empty, the machine automatically picks up the second coil and changes the strap. Production continues uninterrupted and the operator can flexibly change the empty coil without stopping the machine. This not only prevents expensive downtime, it increases machine availability.

Both SoniXs TR-6 models are ideal in operations that demand high availability and process safety. These include corrugated cardboard processors, wholesalers, printing companies, logistics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Cost efficient with outstanding results

"Our customers' applications are widely varied. Not everyone needs a specialized high-end machine, but at the same time, many users are unwilling to forgo top performance and high quality," says Mosca. "We close this gap with the SoniXs TR-6 Base model." Thanks to a CE marking from the factory, the fully automated strapping machine can be easily integrated into all production lines. An optimized chassis and cost-efficient optional features, including a pneumatic hold-down device or package stop, make it a flexible, all-round performer. The SoniXs TR-6 Base uses simple controls and can be easily operated by keyboard with a digital display – pneumatic actuators ensure optimal, problem-free strapping. Two control cabinets expand the range of machine applications. "The Base model offers our customers a reasonably priced version with the same high-performance mechanical system as the Pro, which means they can benefit from our quality in the entry level," explains Mosca. "The Pro version is specifically designed for the high-end range and meets the highest standards up to Industry 4.0."

High performance for the high-end range

The fully automated SoniXs TR-6 Pro strapping machine owes its high performance to a revolutionary control concept for strapping technology and a number of technical refinements. Versatile strapping programs and a variety of machine parameters can be easily set up via color HMI touch panel. "Our customers appreciate the detailed message display on the Pro model because it firmly supports the machine’s process safety," says Mosca. "The machine is fully network-compatible. We can run diagnoses via online remote maintenance from anywhere. This is a service we gladly offer because it is more convenient for our customers."

The machine can be remote controlled through a connected computer, which makes it ready for Industry 4.0 – an era in which machines communicate directly with each other. With just a few mouse clicks, the machine's status can be determined with complete transparency. Software updates are also available online. Available in four different frame sizes, the machine straps up to 45 packages per minute with six different strap widths ranging from 5 to 12 millimeters. The Pro model also has a CE marking from the factory and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

The highly flexible strapping editor is a real highlight. It enables a wide variety of settings from package to package. Operators can define various strapping formulas and save each one with key data, including transport speed, strap tension and package dimensions. If required, strapping programs can automatically select a formula according to previously defined "events" triggered by external interfaces, sensor signals or QR codes. This enables the machine to differentiate between many more package parameters. In addition to the length, the package color, height or position of various product characteristics can be processed. The program automatically chooses the right formula. This creates many new options for handling products more efficiently.

Turning the corner is also an option

Mosca has good news for customers who want to combine two identical machines at a right angle to each other for cross-strapping. The angle pusher, which lines up and guides packages between both machines, has been redesigned so that it comes with a CE marking from the factory without additional safety devices. This makes it much more accessible for the operator. Actuators are designed to ensure the net energy is sufficient for the machine's optimal performance, without posing a danger to the operator.


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