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21 August 2015

MBO at LabelExpo: 3 partners, 3 key aspects, 3 lines

Under the heading COMPETENCE3 the three companies Bograma, Herzog+Heymann and MBO are pooling their expertise and exhibiting together three new production lines.

One line shows the production of labels in multiple-up production. The labels are die-cut, counted with precision via barcode monitoring and then packed into boxes by using a new robot solution. On this line also business cards, playing cards and comparable products can be produced.

Furthermore there will be a production line for folding boxes on show. The rotary die-cut flat blanks are folded and glued inline to form folding boxes. A pre-produced insert is simultaneously placed inside the packaging. A quality system makes sure that the right insert has been placed into the correct box.

On the third line roll material with low paper weight will be used to produce spine glued booklets with die-cut pull-tabs. These kind of booklets will be laminated and fixed at bottles, tins and similar packages. The pull-tab makes it easier for the end customer to open the booklet.

BOGRAMA will exhibit together with the companies MBO and Herzog+Heymann. As a novelty, BOGRAMA shows a workflow for the efficient manufacture of business cards and labels in multiple-up production. The printed sheets are die-cut with the BOGRAMA Rotary die-cutter BSR 550 Servo. With the "Dynamic Alignment" (auto register correction) each sheet is new also aligned laterally. This ensures a consequent cutting accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm also with digitally printed sheets. The integrated barcode monitoring allows both, the consistent monitoring of the production as well as the tracking of the products. Following to the die-cutting and stripping process, the products are stacked exactly counted in piles of identical products, and packed into boxes by using a new, clever robot solution.

The new solution from BOGRAMA for packaging business cards and labels in boxes.

Herzog+Heymann will exhibit together with the companies MBO and Herzog+Heymann. Herzog+Heymann launches a new packaging solution for folding boxes. The whole process will be done completely inline and generates highest efficiency. The folding boxes will be die-cut inline and transferred to the new Herzog+Heymann packaging line. The boxes will be pre-folded and folded finally by the new Herzog+Heymann transport system 091.1 and its innovative plough fold devices. It is equipped with an innovative and precise fine adjustment for reducing setup times and makes the line very interesting also for low volume jobs. This will be done in a 2-up stream production and doubles the output quantity. Next to the profitability, the system also guarantees best production quality by heavy machine engineering. The packaging line concept is modular and allows adding units for several production processes and market applications. Additionally, Herzog+Heymann will show an inline dispensing of a folded leaflet directly into the folded box by a Pick+Place and friction feeder. Additionally the leaflet will be inspected by a camera system and an ejector device is able to sort-out bad copies on the fly.

Transport system 091.1

MBO will exhibit together with the companies Bograma and Herzog+Heymann. MBO introduces its new Unwinder UW500. Because of its open interface, the UW500 is sold independent from the press manufacturer and it can be placed in-line, near-line and off-line. The UW500 can handle web rolls up to 60 inches in diameter, web widths up to 20 1/2inches, and paper weights ranging from 50 gsm up to 250 gsm. With a maximum production speed of 490 ft/min, the UW500 can maintain a constant web-tension and precise web alignment regardless of the web-speed or the roll diameter. All of this is controlled via the touch of a button, thanks to the new control system which meets all current ISO standards. For specialty applications, a decurling device is available as an optional upgrade. The decurling device removes web curl for a better paper handling and increases the quality in printing and finishing. An electronic paper lift reduces the risk of injury and speeds up the roll change process. Built-in sensors recognize splices and web-breaks and stop the machine automatically. In the event of a web-break, the operator can patch the web via the ergonomic splice table and lead the web through at low speeds until the spliced portion is removed from the production run.

The new MBO Unwinder UW500.

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