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13 March 2015

«Productivity doesn’t mean expensive»

At the beginning of March the delegation of "SIKO" visited the plant of the leading German manufacturer of cutting systems and peripheral systems - Baumann-Wohlenberg company in the annual dealer meeting. The event was attended by representatives and distributors of the company from around the world.

Baumann-Wohlenberg pays serious attention to the development of systems for productions automation, quality control and creation of ergonomic workspace in the cutting area. According to head of sales Baumann-Wohlenberg, Mr. Christian Joost, in the development of peripheral equipment, the company tries to achieve several purposes: increasing productivity by reducing the share of manual labor by 80%, a significant increase of quality through additional preparatory operations and health care of personnel.

Within a conference has made a presentation the director of Baumann-Wohlenberg - Volkmar Assmann. He spoke about the sales plans for the coming year and held discussions of the pricing policy of the company in view of its competitive advantages in various segments. The slogan of "productivity - does not mean expensive" as well as proposed solutions from economic segment found a lively response among the participants.

The equipment configuration included: high-speed cutter Wohlenberg 92 ASE with automatic waste removal, computer-control via touch-screen display and the automatic pressure control of the beam clamp, pile hoist BSH 2-450, jogger BSB 2 e and unloader BA 2 N.
This system contains all the necessary equipment to work effectively, but because it is designed for a relative small format, there are no automatic drives and touch control peripherals. With the system the operator will apply a minimum of force in normal production mode.
The new low cost system provides high quality jogging, cutting and unloading. Both machines: automatic jogger and unloader are equipped with air blow with micropunching technology. This system eliminates set-off and is easier by working with small formats.

1. High speed cutting machine Wohlenberg 92 ASE
2. Pile hoist BSH 2-450
3. Jogger BSB 2 e
4. Unloader BA 2 N


*In the photo (left to right): Managing partner of the group of companies "SIKO" Igor Rzheshevsky, head of sales of Baumann-Wohlenberg Christian Joost, sales manager of "SIKO" Denis Yanichev.

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