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06 February 2014


Advanced tandem solution for cross strapping in the print industry

 Mosca GmbH offers state-of-the-art strapping technology with its new EVOLUTION SoniXs TAI-6, a fully automated cross-strapping unit in the new machine class 3. Extremely precise and reliable, this tandem unit straps a wide variety of products using cross strapping, transverse strapping and inline strapping in the conveyor direction. The open design offers direct access to all core components and the strapping machine can also be easily integrated into all packaging lines that do not present any hazards at the inlet or outlet. The EVOLUTION SoniXs TAI-6 is delivered from the factory with a CE marking – with no need to install additional protection measures on site. The product handling functions including hold-down device and backstop are designed to operate without needing additional safety devices.

New standards for added efficiency and better service

An integrated Standard-6 strap path with an open, accessible design is now also available for inline strapping technology and makes using the EVOLUTION SoniXs TAI-6 even more efficient. The "modular system" principle took precedence throughout the engineering process for the inline strapping machine. "Standardizing core components in our machines not only facilitates maintenance and cleaning. It also speeds up the manufacturing process and enables us to improve our services and offer our customers a larger selection of models with a broader spectrum of applications," explains CEO Timo Mosca.

Another benefit for customers is the new Human Machine Interface (HMI). The intuitive touch panel is easy to operate, language-independent and makes it possible to control the EVOLUTION SoniXs TAI-6 via pictograms. This means the unit can be easily operated under a variety of conditions worldwide without language barriers. To protect work processes and the machine itself against operating errors, different operator levels can be activated depending on the operator's experience.

Easy handling, exceptional versatility

The new Mosca tandem strapping system offers versatile machine configuration, easy handling and direct access to all core components. Along with the Mosca SoniXs ultrasonic welding system, customers can opt for a model with heat welding. They can also choose between electro-mechanical or pneumatic actuators when it comes to product handling.

Siko Group of companies is the exclusive representative of Mosca GmbH.

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