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07 March 2014

Siko specialists attended training at plants of Meccanotecnica and Kolbus

Siko group of companies pays close attention to cooperation with their partners – manufacturers of the equipment. Training courses held on foreign plants are traditional form of qualifications cources for Siko representatives.

 Latest trainings of specialists of Siko service centre were held in Italy, at the plant of Meccanotecnica Group in Torre de' Roveri, and in Germany, at the plant of Kolbus in Rahden.

Established in Bergamo in 1964 "Meccanotecnica S.p.A" is the world’s leading manufacturer of sewing equipment for book production. The company regularly presents their new developments in sewing area: Aster brand for traditional printing and UNIVERSE Sewing model for digital printing. The UNIVERSE Sewing model is able to solve tasks concerning gathering, folding and thread sewing of products of any edition.

Trainings of Siko engineers were held on the basis of both series of machines.

During these trainings Siko engineers studied technical features of newest models, changes in software (including Gigalynx optical control system), nuances of "digital" machines’ settings and their integration into product line.

 Annual qualifications courses at Kolbus plant were dedicated to new company’s products: Report System Kolbus 3.60, Kolbus Book Production Line BF 530, 

Kolbus Perfect Binders KM 600 as well as additional options and possibilities of other machines of  Kolbus production line (for example, for gift box production). The courses contained both theoretical and practical parts. Moreover, the practical part was held in assembling and testing area in order to improve assembling skills and in the company’s demo-room for adjustment and setting for finished lines.

 “Regular qualifications courses are one of the main components of Siko service center’s operation. The aim of these courses is detailed study of the whole range of the equipment to be delivered, as well as mounting/dismounting, defect determination, repair of mechanical, electrical and software components. That is why, despite of the tight schedule of installations, we give due consideration to personnel training.” – Mr. Alexander Karin, Service Department Director,said.

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