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21 February 2014

UNIVERSE SEWING – industrial abilities of “digital” machine


It comes to shake up both the conventional offset and digital market.

 Back on subject of “Books on demand” I would like to point out that there are a lot of small printing houses on the market that are aimed at production of gift-type books that require first-grade workmanship regardless of edition. Author's theses, monographs, dissertations – the demand structure is wide enough, and the supply is limited.

In reality, however, limited qualitative supply does not set limits on prices: the customers are charged at least 20 rubles per b&w text on not first-class paper (we are speaking only about sewn blocks which is not yet prepared for binding). It is worth considering that photobook printing is sometimes cheaper… Printing houses argue that sewing operations are complicated and have high changeover cost.

 Meccanotecnica, the world’s leading Italian manufacturer of book sewing machines, has been paying great attention to “sewing on demand” for a long time. Latest improvements of UNIVERSE sewing machines were announced in Februrary.

 The renewed UNIVERSE SEWING model has all the advantages of ASTER range. At the same time, UNIVERSE SEWING can solve issues on feeding, folding and thread sewing, providing high quality of book block production. As the machine can be equipped with signature feeder, the printing house will be able to fulfill orders of any edition.

 The upgraded UNIVERSE SEWING machine provides efficient production.

Feeding: up to 400 A4/min; Sewing: up to 160 cycles/min

Enhanced ergonomics and comfortable loading/unloading process.

Double feeding handles: offset signatures, digital sheets or both


Gigalynx™ Dual Control, for HD sequence control and autoprogramming.


Siko Group of companies is the exclusive representative of MeccanotecnicaS.p.A.

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