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07 November 2013

Mosca GmbH modernizes its product range

Machine class 3 sets new standards in strapping


Mosca presents the first model of machine class 3: With a harmonized and easily accessible Standard-6 strap path, CE marking from the factory and a user-friendly interface, the strapping machine EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6 sets new standards in the pharmaceutical, printing, paper and logistics key sectors.

Whether the ultrasonic technology SoniXs, sustainable usable straps made of PLA bioplastic or the use of wear-free direct drives in strapping sealing units: Mosca has been setting standards in strapping for decades. With the EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6, the first model of machine class 3, Mosca presents another innovation: Thanks to the open and accessible design, a Standard-6 strap path facilitates maintenance activities; cleaning and servicing of the machine is fast and efficient.

The CE marking from the factory obviates the need for protective elements, which were necessary in other models for the protection of the operator: The special construction of certain key components of the EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6, such as the hold down device and the backstop, eliminates potential hazards from the very start. The strapping machine can be integrated in all production lines that are hazard-free at the inlet and outlet without any additional safety measures.

Faster service, more flexibility

"Within the EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6, we have standardized important key components. In future they will be identical in all models of our new machine class 3," explains Timo Mosca, President and CEO of Mosca. "This allows us to install different elements such as dispenser, strap feeding unit, strap magazine and strap guide frame quickly and efficiently. For our customers, this means even better, faster service and a wider rage of models for more usability." With different package options Mosca can tailor the machine specifically to the needs of the key industry customers in the pharmaceutical, printing, paper and logistics sectors.

Machine class 3 will gradually include all machines controlled via Human Machine Interface (HMI). This interface intuitively guides the user through the different levels of the program structure. Intuitive, user-friendly operation is a Mosca principle for further development of the interface between machine and operator.

SIKO group of companies is the exclusive supplier of strapping solutions and the original strapping tape of Mosca GmbH in Russia.

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