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22 November 2013

Innovation: KOLBUS Round Corner Trimmer RE 143

KOLBUS has widen their product line with new automatic machine for the operations which were previously represented on the market only by manual models.

The newest KOLBUS Round Corner Trimmer RE 143 operates at the max. speed of 7,200 books/hour (up to 4,200 cuts/hour) which is several times larger than any existing analogues.

Based on long experience in production of KOLBUS Three-Knife Trimmers, RE 143 model has powerful design and provides both high productivity and exceptional accuracy of corner rounding.

The machine is controlled by CoPilot system with touchscreen, successfully proven itself while operating at HD 143.P. The hold-down pressure is also regulated by touchscreen (KOLBUS RE 143 unique feature), providing the highest quality of products while operating with sensitive and composite paper. The integrated stacker allows cutting piles of products according to book block thickness. 

The machine automatically adjusts sizes providing the shortest changeover time and quick start of production at high speed. Knife replacing is quick and does not need any additional settings as they are made out of the machine. 

It is possible to install RE 143 both in production line and off-line.

• KOLBUS Copilot® system

• Automatic set-up

• Device for automatic registration in the cutting station

• Feeding: Right-hand infeed with intermittent roll for integrated counting and stacking or straight infeed

• KOLBUS 3•60 online service



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