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18 July 2014

New KOLBUS book production line in printing house “Vyatka”: 100 million hard covered books – just the beginning!

By specialists of SIKO service centre was installed a new Kolbus book line for production of hard covered and sewn books in “Vyatka printing house”, branch of “Pervaya obraztsovaya printing house” in Kirov.

The printing house established itself as a leading choice on the book- and journal market in Kirov region more than 27 years. The production is modern equipped for printing of journals, newspapers, books and different products in full colour. Since production started, the company brought out more than 100 million exemplars. Gradually increased the capacities, the printing house came up to the upgrading of hard covered book production. Considering the fact that the day-time run comes out at fast 30.000 books and requirements for quality are the highest, it was decided in favor of 30 cycles Kolbus book line.

The classic 30 cycles Kolbus line for production of hard covered books consists of binder, three knife trimmer and book production line BF 512.

The first part of the line includes book spine press NH-4, book back-gluing and back-lining machine BBL-31/2, cooling and drying track, and three knife trimmer HD 143.P.

The book spine press prepares spines for gluing and lining by nipping the spines. The pressing time can be adjusted.

Book back-gluing and back-lining machine BBL-31/2 for gluing and lining of sewn spines based on Two-Shot principle. The machine can be used in stand-alone (offline) mode. The machine glues the pre-folded end sheets to the book spines. After that on the lining station will be performed the lining (unwinding, cutting and material feeding to the book block goes in fully automatic mode). The transport system is equipped with automatic thickness measurement of the book block and with glue station for the side gluing can also automatically adjust the thickness of the glue line and the width of the adhesive application.

The second part includes the main element of the whole line – book production line BF512, which is designed to backing and case binding into hard, soft or plastic cover followed by creasing and nipping. On the line can be performed also mulling, backlining and headband gluing in presence of additional options.

The third and the final part includes three knife trimmer HD 143.P for three side cutting of the book blocks and brochures (can be used as “inline” or “offline” machine) and also the BSD-60 stacker. The last one gently stacks the finished books, book blocks and other products into the pile for transportation to the next production step. By the forming of a pile the products can be rotated to 180° and stacked with optional deposition. The stacker is mobile and can be moved to another space, adjusted for height and connected with other equipment.

The key operating element is the hardware and software suite “Copilot” with the service portal 3.60. It’s equipped with touch screen and consolidates into the system the separate single machines, also includes an automatic adjustment function and data bank of book formats.

The purchased book production line Kolbus BF 512 is intended to increase the capacity of the post-press area, automatize the process of production and packing of finished books and introduce the operational control of production and remotely correction of the orders priority.

SIKO group of companies is the exclusive representative of Kolbus in CIS.

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