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19 November 2013

Russia’s first Universe sewing machine on demand has been installed in Moscow.

Meccanotecnica Universe sewing machine has been installed by specialists of SIKO service center at printing house “Buki Vedi” in Moscow.

 “Buki Vedi” printing house operates on the book market for more than 10 years reaching significant success in popularizing the idea of combining old traditions with modern printing technologies. “The book accompanies us in our daily life from our childhood and throughout life … although the modern world is fit up with new technologies and computers, full-time TV broadcast and internet, the book is still the integral part of human life being reliable, source of knowledge and information…” –the article concerning hard-cover books at the official site of the printing house says.

 That is why softcover books, hardcover books and stapled booklets stand apart from the whole range of products offered by the printing house. Moreover, it is possible to produce books from 1 copy to 1,000 copies and even more.

To print a short run of books, digital printing is used, and sewing operations require special sewing machines. For these reasons, in the end of October the printing house purchased new specialized sewing machine for digital print - Meccanotecnica Universe.

 So what is the difference between Universe and Aster, the most popular model in Russia? Firstly, Universe is equipped with flat pile feeder with design to be practically identic to standard feeders at folding machines: sheet is fed by vacuum roller and heads. Furthermore the machine can be optionally equipped with additional feeder for operations with classic folded signatures – that is convenient while combining general and personal information.

Secondly, folding unit exists at the machine and operates under the principle of Saddle Stitchers including operations on blanking by rotary knives and feed on “saddle”. Single signatures gathering is also conducted at this stage (is set programmatically). After the set amount of sheets is folded and gathered, the signatures are transported to sewing unit. Processing of each signature separately results in book spine of the highest quality.

Universe sewing unit contains standard professional sewing unit, which is normally installed at other models of sewing machines (except stitch type selection control), and is completed with automatic separator of books containing different number of signatures (patent).

And, finally, control function. This is one of the key features of the equipment for print on demand, so Universe is complemented by one of the best systems – Gigalynx allowing reading special codes as well as text and images thanks to the company’s software and SONY CCDHD camera. General control over the machine is carried out by touch-screen monitor complemented by Windows XP which displays graphically the set of production datain real-time mode and includes self-diagnostic.

 “We pay careful attention to developments on technologies and equipment market, and we considered a possibility of purchasing speed automatic sewing machine with sewing on demand function taking into consideration specifics of our production, which is run of books starting from 1 copy. Meccanotecnica Universe compare favorably due to its higher speed (up to 350 sheets/min), min/max sizes of sheets and signatures, sewing speed and, what is the most important, quality of finished product. We are pleased with the installed machine and our cooperation with SIKO company” – Mikhail Avramenko, CEO of “Buki Vedi”, said


Technical features:


Maxsheet feeding speed

Up to 350 sheets/min

Sheet sizes

Min 150 х 200 mm

Max 420 х 640 mm

Signature sizes

Min 150 х 100 mm

Max 420 х 320

Max sewing speed

Up to 160 cycles/min

Number of sheets in signature

from 1 to 20

Max signature thickness

4 mm

Max number of stitches


Stitch length

19 mm

Power consumption

4 kW

Air  consumption

max 400 Nl/min

Air pressure

6 bar

Electricity supply

230/400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase

Net weight

approx. 3000 kg


Siko Group of companies is the exclusive representative of MeccanotecnicaS.p.A.

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