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30 January 2014

Russia’s first Automatic Platen Cutting and Creasing Machine SANWA 1060SCB at Likino-Dulevo

In 2013 SIKO company held several installations of Japanese die-cutters SANWA (printing houses “Shar”, “Albatross” and “Business-Media”). However this was the first installation of die-cutter with three sections. Putting die-cutter into operation and personnel training were held together with representatives of the manufacturing site.

 Actively developing its production of wide range of corrugated cardboard products (from single-face laminate to corrugated cardboard B) the printing house IP “Kuznetsov” produces package for food industry, construction materials and other consumer goods. As the number of orders has increased recently, management of the printing house had to choose die-cutting equipment suitable for production of large number of different types cardboard and corrugated cardboard package at a high quality and in a short time.

The CEO and the founder of the manufacturing siteVyacheslav Kuznetsov came to the choice of the equipmentseriously and thoroughly. SIKO company together with SANWA representative office in Germany have arranged a visit to German package printing house where several SANWA die-cutters are successfully implemented. However, in recent years only in Germany more than fifty Japanese machines were installed. This was despite the availability of European producers. The main reasons for this choice are high reliability of Japanese machines and lower production costs due to optimal price for machines and decreased service costs.

As there are only few producers of high-grade die cutters, IP “Kuznetsov” made his choice between European and Japanese producers. Perfect assembling quality of SANWA presses, reasonable pricing policy and first-grade maintenance servicedetermined the choice in favor of SANWA. Another key factor is that machines are fully fabricated in Japan from Japanese and European components.

Basic configuration of Automatic Platen Cutting and Creasing Machine SANWATRP1060 SCB AXIA is equipped with automatic pressure control device (APC 1), Down Platen Control System (APC-2 as option) and micro adjust cutting plate system (as option).

Automatic Pressure Control Device APC-1.  Natural heating of the whole aggregate takes place during long operation of any automatic press of such class. Due to heat expansion of materials, pressure in cutting area is also increasing. APC-1 system provides feed back of pressure sensors in cutting area with control system which maintains the pressure setting. As the result, stable quality of die cutting without additional adjustment, as well as substantial decrease of wear and tear of the machine, stamp and cutting plate are provided.

The other equally important technology introduced at the machine is Down Platen Control System (APC-2). The system supports quick plate adjustment and does not need any compensator knives while making cutting stamps.

The use of both these technologies gives effective results in terms of production costs savings, increase of total productivity and lifetime of stamp and equipment (mare detailed information concerning SANWA advantages are given in this article).

Optionally and on the customer’s request, the machine can be equipped with sheet register control and control cam.

Currently, the machine has reached its manufacturing capacity and is monitored by one operator. Die-cutter SANWA has successfully proven itself while working with Russian materials.

SIKO group of companies is the exclusive representative of SANWA in CIS and is entitled to effect sales and service maintenance of the whole SANWA product line.

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